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5G mobile phone screen test with shrapnel micro needle module

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In the era of 5G high-speed networks, with the development of global intelligence, products in various fields have gradually become intelligent, especially smartphones that have penetrated into every aspect of our lives. When a new smartphone is launched, its style, features, and screen design are all points of interest and a selling point. The smoothness, sharpness, resolution, and even the shape of the screen of a smartphone screen are very important and will directly affect people's experience. Therefore, the test of the mobile phone screen is very important.

At present, most companies or fixture manufacturers in the market use probe test modules, which are composed of needles, needle tubes, and needle tails. This set of probes has complex manufacturing equipment, high production costs, and difficult to control the thickness of the gold plating on the surface. Because there are few contact points during the test, it is easy to cause problems such as unstable contact and low impedance consistency. The area of the contact area of the probe is small. When testing the female seat, it can only contact the highest position of the apex of the connector terminal. It is easy to wear and tear, and it will be prone to poor contact after using it at a certain frequency, leading to mismeasurement. This is extremely inconvenient for both products and manufacturers.
Is there any way to solve this problem? Shenzhen Hongyi Electronics Co., Ltd. has developed a new type of shrapnel module-Blade pin (high current shrapnel micro needle module).

Advantage of:

1. The elastic sheet is integrally formed, the contact shape and overall height are easy to make according to customer requirements, and it can be customized.
2. The shrapnel is an integrated structure, which reduces the contact points and avoids problems such as unstable contact and low impedance consistency;
3. When testing the female seat, insert the head of the shrapnel into the terminal of the connector to make a certain amount of opening to ensure that the contact surface of the shrapnel and the two sides of the BTB connector terminal are kept in a consistent release state;
4. When testing the male seat, the large area of the zigzag springs fully contacts the contact points of the connector to ensure the stability of the test.


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