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Advantages of using springmicroneedle modules in mobile phone LCD screen detection and OLED screen testing

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In the LCD screen detection and  OLED screen test, mobile phone LCD screen test tool  and mobile phone OLED screen detection connector  It is very important, but too many enterprises ignore the importance of display detection, i do not know that display detection is also linked to quality. LCD screen production process has been very mature, compared to the domestic OLED screen is currently in the development stage, in addition to the technical difficulties to overcome, more is to reduce costs, improve product yield and capacity, which highlights the importance of display testing.

In the LCD screen production process, most manufacturers pay great attention to product quality and efficiency, of course, quality and efficiency is absolutely two key indicators, because quality determines the quality of shipments of manufacturers, efficiency determines the production speed of manufacturers, both constitute the core competitiveness of LCD screen enterprises. But at present, the domestic LCD screen manufacturers, often only pay attention to the introduction and use of production equipment, but ignore the introduction of test equipment, especially the latter, product quality control is mainly dependent on manual testing to complete.

Although there are a relative number of manufacturers pay attention to product testing, but LCD screen and OLED screen testing, most manufacturers only pay attention to display performance test, display appearance inspection, display appearance size inspection, etc. ; Even to the consumer, there are still a variety of display problems, resulting in customers because of quality issues complaints, even claims, so where is the problem? While there may be various possibilities, there may also be problems with the display test connector

In the LCD screen or OLED  screen test screen test, the use of display test connectors,  but most manufacturers still use pogopin probe module stomount test, Pogopin's cardpin, short service life, almost unusable for the mother BTB connector, and pogopin in the pitch of 0.02mm field is also poor, or even unusable, the existence of these problems make the connector stability of the relatively poor. Based
on the above, KZT KeyZhitong Microelectronics independently developed a high current BTB/FPC shrapnel microneedle module to help enterprises in testing connectors or test tools, to provide better test solutions.
  High current shrapnel microneedle module is one-piece molding, can deal with a smaller pitch, high test efficiency, high stability, can withstand a maximum of 50A high current, long service life, contact shape and overall height is very tolerant in accordance with customer requirements, in the mother BTB connector also has a special correspondence method, stable and reliable.

Kaizhitong's innovative high-current BTB/FPC shrapnel microneedle module is aimed at solving the problem of the enterprise products in the testing process of connector marks, damage, low test efficiency, high cost. Shrapnel microneedle module can be applied to: BTB connector male head, FPC, PCB (e.g. mobile phone LCD screen test tool, mobile phone OLED screen detection connector,   3C lithium battery test solutions, camera test modules, etc.) welcome LCD screen, OLED screen, 3C lithium battery, camera manufacturers to come to consult and understand.

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