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CMOS graphic sensor chips usage and CMOS IC test socket

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CMOS graphic sensor chips usage and CMOS IC test socket

Now the CMOS Graphic sensor chip is more and more popular in market with loT and AI developing.

CMOS and MEMS type test socket also need the burn in test and function test.

CMOS chip

Now old CMOS chip usage is as following:

Digital camera

People have been using film cameras for hundreds of years. Since the 1980s, people have used high technology to develop CCD digital cameras without film. Makes a fundamental change in traditional film cameras. The emergence of an electrically writable and controllable inexpensive FLASH ROM, and the advent of low-power, low-cost CMOS cameras. Opened a new situation for digital cameras.

The internal device of the digital camera has been completely different from the traditional camera. Under the control of the electronic shutter, the color CMOS camera takes a photo and stores it in the DRAM, and then transfers it to the FLASH ROM for storage. According to the capacity of the FLASH ROM and the compression level of the image data, the number of sheets that can be stored can be determined. If you replace the ROM with a PCMCIA card, you can expand the capacity of the digital camera by changing the card. This is like replacing the film, and transferring the digital image information of the digital camera to the hard disk of the PC for storage. This is very convenient. The storage, retrieval, processing, editing and transmission of photos.

2.CMOS digital camera

The US-based Omni Vison's USB camera consisting of the OV7610 CMOS color digital image chip and the OV511 advanced camera and USB interface chip has a resolution of up to 640 x 480 and is suitable for video systems transmitted over a universal serial bus. The introduction of the OV511 advanced camera enables the PC to acquire a large amount of video information in a more real-time way. The compression ratio of the compression chip can reach 7:1, thus ensuring fast image transmission from the image sensor to the PC. For CIF image formats, the OV511 supports transmission rates of up to 30 frames per second, reducing image bounce that typically occurs in low bandwidth applications. The OV511 is a high-performance USB interface controller with flexibility for applications such as video conferencing, video e-mail, computer multimedia and security surveillance.

3. CMOS image sensor applications in other fields

The cmos image sensor is a multi-function sensor. Because it has the performance of a CCD image sensor, it can enter the application field of CCD, but it has its own unique advantages, so it has opened up many new application fields. In addition to the main applications described above, the CMOS image sensor can also be applied to digital still cameras and medical small cameras. For example, a cardiac surgeon can install a small "silicon eye" on the patient's chest to monitor the surgical outcome after surgery, which is difficult for CCDs to achieve.

4.cmos image sensor is applied to the X-ray machine market

In the dental X-ray machine market, small CMOS sensors for taking X-rays from 1 to 2 teeth from the inside of the mouth have reached a practical level in Europe and are also being promoted in the United States. In the field of X-ray machines that take panoramic X-rays from the outside of the mouth, CCD sensors will continue to be used in the future.

CMOS and MEMS chip socket can be customized.

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