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QFP44 adapter for ET7190 programming which is an Ehanced vehicle network communication protocol controller

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QFP44 adapter for ET7190 programming which is an Ehanced vehicle network communication protocol controller

This chip (QFP44 package) is full-functional vehicle network communication protocol controller, with built-in enhanced CAN2.0B Active module, J1850 (VPW 10.4KP and PWM 41.6KB) controller, and enhanced EUART controller. These three modules can simultaneously receive and send data at a high speed, which can be applied to vehicle diagnosis, signal control, vehicle gateway, bus data monitoring analysis,etc.

It is the popular device for the Ehanced vehicle network communication protocol controller.

So it have much more programming demand.

The TQFP44 QFP44 programming socket is also required.

ET7190 Support Protocol

1. J1850VPW 10.4kbps
2. J1850PWM 41.6kbps
3. CAN ISO15765 (GMW3110) 
4. CAN J1939
5. CAN VW TP2.0
6. CAN SAE J2411 (GMW3110)
7. ISO9141-2
8. ISO14230 (KWP2000)
9. KW1281
10. LIN1.x/LIN2.x
11. SAE J1708 (J1587)
12. SAE J2610 (SCI)

ET7190 Advantages in comparison with other chips

1. High speed, ET7190 can deal with full load on CAN/J1850/UART bus. Support any application of other industry.
2. EUART/J1850/CAN three modules can simultaneously receive and send data at a high speed。
3. J1850 IFR1/IFR2/IFR3,No-error arbitration transmit and receive, automatic hardware synchronization in transmiting.
4. Enhanced EUART Controller,support any UART-based communication on vehicle.
5. ET7190 is not just a OBD2 diagnostic chip, it's function is unlimited
6. EUART supports 3 channel bus, CAN supports 2 channel bus. Switch via internal electronic switch 
7. EUART Fault Protection。
8. All bus drived by Specail Transceiver . Security, stability, specification .


ET7190 Block Diagram


Enhanced CAN2.0B Controller

1. 8-frame transmit buffer, 16-frame FIFO receive buffer
2. 16 receive filter and 3 masks
3. Loopback, listen and listen all message mode. Used for message mode of diagnosis and bus monitor
4. Wake-up in receiving CAN message 
5. Automatic processing to remote request
6. DeviceNet mode
7. Support ISO15765 auto-respond to multi-frame transmission
8. Support J1939 auto-respond to multi-frame transmission
9. Support VW TP2.0 auto-respond to multi-frame transmission
10. Support SAEJ2411 single-line CAN (GM SWC)
11. 2-channel CAN TX/RX PIN, switch via internal electronic switch
12. Fully support CAN 2.0B Active Versions, communication rate up to 1Mb/s


Enhanced J1850 Controller

1. 10 FIFO receive buffers
2. 1 transmit buffer and internal transmit cache, actually identical to 2 FIFO caches
3. Fully support J1850 technical Protocol, support 10.4K VPW and 41.6KBPS PWM
4. IFR1/IFR2/IFR3 in-frame respond and receive
5. Support IFR3 automatic responds up to 10 bytes 
6. No-error arbitration transmit and receive, automatic hardware synchronization in transmiting 
7. High-speed CRC hardware check
8. Support Single Header and Consolidated Header
9. Support Single Header IFR(in-frame reponse)
10. IFR1/IFR2 can simulate 8 physical ID responds
11. ID/Physical Addr/Functional Addr. filtering
12. Wake-up in receiving J1850 message


Enhanced EUART Controller

1. Used as universal UART module, when there is 4-character transmit and receive FIFO buffer
2. If start bit is detected, device can wake-up from sleep mode
3. Support ISO14230 (KWP2000) frame mode, auto-identify all frame formats defined in ISO14230
4. Support ISO9141-2 frame format 
5. Support user-defined frame format, support all manufacturer protocols (KWP1281 J2610 SCI J1708, etc.), theoretically support any UART-based communication on vehicle.
6. Support LIN1.x LIN2.x master mode, slave mode and auto-response
7. Support the fast initialization of vehicle ECU diagnostic function and the simulation of 5 BaudRate initialization 
8. Support K-line logic analysis, used as utility tool for the development of diagnostic tester
9. User can precisely set all times of all protocol frames
10. TX, RX in 3-channel each can input and output pin via UART of internal electronic switch
11. 2 FIFO receive buffers with up to 262 bytes in each frame
12. Support EUART bus fault protection fucntion


Other Functions

1. 1-channel 10-bit ADC for measuring voltage of battery.
2. 8 user-programmable multi-functional IO (input and output) 
3. 1 interrupt control pin output
4. 3.3V (3.0-3.6V) operating voltage, low-power consumption and high-speed technology
5. Industrial-grade temperature (-40°C to +85°C)
6. Wake-up from sleep mode
7. SPI and UART user dual-functional interface, TQFP44 10x10mmpin package.

Any QFP series programming socket,we also provide that.

Please feel free to mail me.


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