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ePOP NAND flash chip is for warable device and ePOP test socket

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ePOP NAND flash chip is for warable device and ePOP test socket

ePOP burn in socket is coming.

Smart wearable devices such as smart watches have strict restrictions on the area and height of components due to the small space. 

The emergence of ePOP memory chips is undoubtedly a gift in the snow. The well-known embedded memory supplier in China, Weiwei Storage, has launched this ePOP product with complex requirements, compact size and high manufacturing difficulty. This ePOP packaged chip is available in a 4+4/8+4 capacity combination with a size of 10*10*0.9 mm, which is about 60% smaller than the conventional solution and only 0.9 mm thick. It is fully capable of stacking ePOP memory chips on top of the CPU. 

While satisfying the light and small requirements of smart watches and other devices, it provides more flexibility for the design of smart watches and other devices. The space saved is good whether it is a large battery or a plugged into more functional components. select. As the leader in the domestic storage industry, Baiwei Storage has never stopped working in the embedded storage field since it launched its first eMMC in China in 2012. At present, it has been able to provide highly competitive storage solutions such as eMMC, eMCP, UFS, and ePOP in smart devices, embedded devices, and IoT.

ePOP burn in socket requirements,please mail.


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