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Mobile Phone Camera parts test solution
  • Mobile Phone Camera parts test solution

Mobile Phone Camera parts test solution

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Mobile Phone Camera parts test solution

Mobile phone is the important thing in communication.Now mobile phone is not only a phone,but it also have the take a photo, send mail, Facebook, and other apps. For support many different phone function,many hardware parts need to test and ensure its quality and win the good market in the Intense competition.

Camera parts is the key part in the phones. Now the Mobile phone photography is one of the selling points of mobile phone competition. So its life time and the Cell Pixel, Shooting Effect all need to be tested. This parts all have the smallest pitch,need to the pogo blade block module to touch its connector and get the high test result and high test speed (UPH).

1) Support current: 1A
2) Withstand voltage: 1 Minute At AC 700V.
3) Ambient temperature: -40 °C~+150°C
4) Contact resistance: 30mΩ MAX
5) Insulation resistance: 1000MΩ MIN AT DC 500V
6) BTB spacing: 0.2mm or more
7) Mechanical life: 200,000 times
8) Production method: customized according to BTB current size, standardized production of small pitch parts
a). Do not use in an environment where corrosive gases, liquids, dust, etc. exist.
b). The load can only be applied longitudinally to the shrapnel and must not be applied laterally.

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