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What is board test of a IC

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there are three main types of ic testing:ic function testing,performance testing ,and reliability testing,the three major tests of ic products are indispensable.
For performance testing, because the ic has numerous possible steps to introduce defects during the manufacturing process, even if it is the same batch of wafers and packaged products, the ic's have their own good and bad, so it needs to be screened. People say that they are picking stones from the eggs. Throw away the "stone" ic.
Reliability test, the ic passed the function and performance test, and got a good chip, but will the ic be damaged by the most annoying static electricity in winter, whether it can work normally in thunderstorm days, three volt days, snowy days and Whether it can be used for one month, one year or ten years, etc., these must be evaluated through reliability testing.
Test methods: board-level test, wafer CP test, packaged FT test, system-level SLT test, reliability test, multiple strategies.
Board level test, mainly used for ic functional test, use PCB board + chip to build a "simulated" ic working environment, use the test socket on the ic to lead out the ic interface, test the function of the ic, See if the ic can work normally under harsh environment. The equipment that needs to be applied is mainly instrumentation, and the EVB evaluation board and corresponding ic test base that need to be produced.

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