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FPC test device customized service

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FPC test device customized service

With 18 years developing,Now KZT and ANDK socket have many different product line.

For the FPC and BTB solution,we have built the new product line-FPC and BTB connector department.

FPC and BTB connector department mission:

For solve the high value mobile phone and device LCD/OLED FPC wire no damage test.

For solve the test company jig BTB connector solution.

For solve any FPC test solution,such as the fast test clip.

For solve the TFT and other Lower value test device connector.

For solve the BTB connector test in-Circuits.

For solve the Big size and small size screen panel test connection

If you have any requirements,please help me know.

Email:[email protected]

[email protected]

Please check the following specification:


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