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JTAG, SPI, SW programming socket

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IC programming socket interface 2: SPI interface

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IC chip programming generally requires corresponding interface interaction to write the software functions you need to implement into the chip. Currently there are JTAG, SPI, SW and other interfaces. The design of these interfaces makes it easier for us to connect the chip and do the chip test online.

SPI, full name: Serial Peripheral Interface,

MISO-Master Input Slave Output, master device data input, slave device data output;

MOSI-Master Output Slave Input, master device data output, slave device data input;

SCLK-Serial Clock, clock signal, generated by the master device;

CS-Chip Select, slave device enable signal, controlled by the master device.

If you are a careful friend, you should see that many of the programming sockets will use the definition of the above 4 lines to be displayed on them, such as the programming socket of BGA24 to 8pin, because of the 5*5 array and 4* of BGA24 The chips of the 6 array are basically SPI flash products, so the interface used for programming will be SPI, and there are also Flash interfaces. This is another way to say, but generally, SPI interfaces are mostly. After all, there are few lines and easy operation. At the same time, with fewer pins, its compatible programmers will be more extensive, and even CH341A can be used for programming.

Other programmers may have restrictions on the programming socket (such as encryption, fuse mechanism, etc.), but basically there are reserved interfaces such as SPI, JTAG, and SW for offline programming and other tasks.

At present, there are many types of chips with SPI, ADC chips, DAC chips, sensor chips, SPI flash chips, etc., all have this interface, which can be easily connected to our programmer for design and programming.

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