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BGA152/132 BGA63 TF card UDP card NAND flash automatic test machine and FPC FFC wire test socket and BTB connector test socket

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Product catalog ANDK socket

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2017-2018 years product catalog is coming

This year we add two new item in our content.

The first one is the NAND flash automatic test machine for BGA152/132 BGA63 TF card UDP card and so on.

The second one is the FPC FFC wire test socket and BTB connector test socket.

Following years,we will develop this product to IC programming automatic machine and more other automatic test jig

for help our clients test and work easier.  

shenzhen hongyi catalog

Please check our contect

1 、 Customized IC test socket ---------------------------------------- 1
2 、 Customized IC test fixture ---------------------------------------- 2
3 、 Standard solderseries of socket --------------------------------3
A-Gripper socket
B-socket + PCB adapterseries
C-Adapter +socket soldering structure
4 、 Standard IC test fixture -------------------------------------------7
A-eMMC/eMCP to SD/USB test fixture
B-SSDseries test fixture
C-Flash test solution
D-Sensor / touch IC solution
5 、 DDR/GDDR test solution -----------------------------------------11
A-DDR/GDDR socket+PCB adapter
B-DDR/GDDR FT test socket
C-DDR series Burn-in socket
D-DDR2/3/4 DIMM test fixture
6 、 ANDK—Burn-in/programming socket -------------------------16
BGA series Burn-in/programming socket
QFN series Burn-in/programming socket
QFP series Burn-in/programming socket
TSOP series Burn-in/programming socket
Sop series Burn-in/programming socket
Crystal series Burn-in socket
Small IC probe series Burn-in/ Programming socket
SOP Burn-in clip on-line
Customized pin board
——Besides, we can customize kinds of burn-in and
programming socket according to customer requirement
7 、 FPC/FFC/Connector test fixture --------------------------------36
8 、 USB/Micro-USB/Type-c port test socket-------------------------37
9 、BGA Burn-in solution-------------------------------------------37
10 、 BGA Rework/IC test service -----------------------------------38
11 、Cooperative partner--------------------------------------------------39

The PDF original company profile and socket,please check this link and download.

Tips:if you do not download it well,please contact with windy(windy@andksocket.com).

Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1heP36sFy2tdQLL_4xhf2YdqD3KjF2ld8/view?usp=sharing

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