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QFN8 DFN8 MLF8 WSON8 chip and related socket introduce - News


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QFN8 DFN8 MLF8 WSON8 chip and related socket introduce

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QFN8 DFN8 MLF8 WSON8 chip and related socket introduction

QFN8 package now become a popular chip package.

Because it is developing from QFN package,

It have the SOIC function and also get the QFN package stable function and good installing way,smaller and good work.

Now this QFN8 package chip is also gradually favored by most electronics manufacturers, especially those in the communications field.

And its burn in test and programming test demand also raise much more.

In China,many company need the QFN8 socket DFN8 adapter MLF8 programming socket WSON8 burn in socket to help them work

for this package chip.

QFN8 have many different size and model.

From now on,ANDK socket have 8pcs different QFN8 DFN8 socket to meet different demand.

QFN8-0.5-2*2 clamshell socket for burn in test or programming 

QFN8-1.27-6*8 clamshell socket for burn in test or programming 

QFN8-1.27-5*6 clamshell socket for burn in test or programming

QFN8-0.5-2*3 clamshell socket for burn in test or programming

QFN8-0.8-4*3 clamshell socket for burn in test or programming

QFN8-1.27-5*6 OPEN-TOP socket for Machine burn in test or programming

QFN8-1.27-8*6 OPEN-TOP socket for Machine burn in test or programming

QFN8-0.5-5*6 OPEN-TOP socket for Machine burn in test or programming

What about the QFN8 chip usage?

Main usage:Boost converter,Microcontroller and battery-power system,SIM card IC ( Embedded SIM ) SON-8,Infrared light sensor,Low noise amplifier.

1. boost converter

Application:LED backlight driver,mobile phone power,PDA and organizers,any other hanset powered from lower voltage to higher.

2.High Micro controller and battery-power system

Application: Industrial/Automotive Applications , Portable/Battery-Powered Equipment , Ultra low power Microcontrollers , Cellular Handsets , Medical Imaging

3.SIM card IC ( Embedded SIM ) SON-8 package

Application: phone SIM card , bank card IC chip , loT interactive equipment , M2M device chip

4.Low Noise Amplifier (0~4GHz)

Application: WiFi LNA with Bypass Feature , CDMA PCS LNA with Bypass Feature , GPS LNA with Bypass Feature , General Purpose Amplification , WiMAX LNA with Bypass Function , CDMA 800 LNA , CMMB LNA , LTE Bands LNA ,  IEEE802.11b DSSS WLAN ,  IEEE802.11g/n OFDM WLAN ,  General applications .

5. Multi-Bit Bidirectional voltage-level Translator


SPI , MICROWIRE,and I2 C Level Translation

Low-Voltage ASIC Level Translation

Smart Card Readers 

Cell-phone Cradles 

Portable POS Systems 

Portable Communication Devices

Low-Cost Serial Interfaces



Telecommunications Equipment 

6.High frequency MOSFET driver


Telecom half bridge power supplies

Avionics DC-DC converters

Two-switch forward converters

Active clamp forward converters

7.Digital sensor:pressure and IR


Smart phones/GPS/MID/PAD/MP3 , Lighting/switch controller/ household electrical appliances , Toys/game machine

Enhancement of GPS navigation(dead-reckoning, slope detection,etc)

In- and out-door navigation

Leisure and sports

Weather forecast

Vertical velocity indication(rise/sink speed)

About the package chip,it is going to small and more function,and the test requirements are going to be strict.

ANDK socket is going with the time and raise the technology and production draft to help you get a good IC test socket.

Except the QFN8 sockets,we also provide many other package socket,please click here to find more.

Any questions,please contact with me.

Sales Engineer: windy

Email: [email protected]

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