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Top ten analog IC factories from IC insight

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Top ten analog IC factories

Analog IC socket for analog IC test factory.

Recently, according to the latest IC Insights report, Texas Instruments' sales from analog products increased to US$10.8 billion in 2018, continuing to expand its leading position as the world's top analog IC supplier.

According to the report, Infineon ranks third in the global sales of analog products; ST has the largest annual growth rate of 26%. Sales of the top 10 analog IC suppliers accounted for 60% of the total analog IC market, totaling $36.1 billion, compared with $33 billion in 2017, accounting for 61% of the total.

The IC Insights report ranks the top 50 semiconductor suppliers and lists leading companies in several major product categories, including DRAM, flash memory, microprocessors, microcontrollers and analog ICs. The chart below shows the top 10 analog suppliers in 2018.

analog IC socket

With a sales of $10.8 billion and a market share of 18%, Texas Instruments continues to lead. IC Insights pointed out that simulation sales in 2018 increased by $900 million, almost twice that of the second-ranked Analog Devices, 10 times more than the 10th Renesas Electronics. Renesas Electronics is the only one among the top ten. One of the two companies with falling sales. Texas Instruments' simulated revenue in 2018 accounted for 78% of IC's $13.9 billion in sales, and 72% of its total semiconductor revenue of $14.9 billion.

Texas Instruments' main targets are industrial applications (36% of revenue in 2018), personal electronics (23% of revenue in 2018), and automotive applications (20% of its analog product revenue). Texas Instruments said that these three areas are highly profitable, providing them with the best opportunities for future growth. It's worth noting that industrial and automotive applications accounted for 56% of Texas Instruments' total revenue last year, compared with only 42% just five years ago.

In the second place, ADI's analog IC sales increased by 7% last year to $5.5 billion. ADI's revenue data includes sales from Linear Technology, which acquired the company for $15.8 billion in cash and stock in the first quarter of 2017. In 2018, none of ADI's customers accounted for more than 10% of ADI's sales. Prior to this, ADI's largest customer, Apple, accounted for 14% and 12% of its 2017 and 2016 total revenue, respectively.

Each of Europe's three largest IC suppliers is the top 10 analog suppliers in 2018. These three companies together account for 15% of the global analog market share. Infineon rose from one to third, with simulated sales up 14% to $3.8 billion, or 6% of market share. Infineon continues to expand its business in automotive (43% sales in 2018) and power management (31% sales in 2018), while industrial power control (17%) and chip cards and security ( 9%) complements other major Infineon terminal applications.

ST's analog product sales increased 26% to $3.2 billion (5% market share) and grew the most among the top 10 analog product suppliers. Most of ST's analog IC sales targets are motion control (motor drive ICs and high voltage drive ICs), automation (smart power switches) and energy management (power line communication ICs) applications.

NXP is the sixth-largest analog supplier in 2018, with sales up 10% to $2.6 billion (4% market share). NXP sells its analog devices to many system functions, but one of its main growth areas is automotive, whose analog chips are an essential component in emerging LiDAR, vehicle networks and 5G systems.

Analog Devices' analog sales increased 11% to $2 billion, or 3% of the market. Anson's sales growth rate was 11%, compared to 35% and 16% in 2017 and 2016, respectively. Anson has achieved strong analog sales growth for three consecutive years, in part because the company acquired Fairchild Semiconductor in September 2016. In addition, ON Semiconductor also sells a large number of power management products in the automotive market, especially for active safety. Powertrain, body electronics and lighting applications.

Microchip Technology's analog IC sales increased 22% in 2018. In May 2018, Microchip acquired Microsemi for $8.35 billion, driving Microchip's analog business in computing and communications applications.

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