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IC test socket no effect by the trade war

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IC test socket no effect by the trade war

The US-China trade war continues to heat up, and technology companies are worried about the impact on the overall supply chain. AMD expects tariffs to increase the complexity of the supply chain, but it will be an opportunity for AMD to increase its market share. Intel (Intel) The impact has not yet been seen. The recent global focus is on domestic efforts to improve the self-made chip-making capabilities and shifting the semiconductor procurement strategy to Europe. For example, Alibaba expects to launch a self-made artificial intelligence (AI) chip in 2019. Hefei Changxin is outgoing. Negotiate procurement equipment manufacturers ASML extreme ultraviolet (EUV) equipment.

At the end of September, the United States imposed a 10% tariff on domestically produced $200 billion in commodities, and threatened to increase the tariff and scale of Chinese imported goods. This has an impact on domestically manufactured technology products and related components. Zifeng pointed out that consumers and technology industries are more concerned about US-China trade trends in recent days. In particular, tariff increases may affect the spending of the chip industry and increase the complexity of the supply chain.
However, AMD regards this as an opportunity to expand its market share. Although AMD has some assembly and testing services in China, it is expected that US-China trade tariffs will rise due to the dispersion of AMD's import sources, which will not have a major impact on AMD. However, for PC component manufacturers such as motherboards and graphics cards, they will face price escalation due to rising tariffs, which may increase the overall cost of PC buyers.

Although Intel has been opposed to price increases, in response to the US raising domestic import tariffs, Intel Acting CEO Bob Swan pointed out that it is working with customers to ensure that the global supply chain can be appropriately adjusted to suit any tariff measures. After 2019, Intel's movements need to be observed again.

As for the domestic industry, we can continue to increase the self-control of chips and seek potential semiconductor procurement targets in Europe. According to sources, Hefei Changxin, a leading domestic storage company, is challenging Samsung Electronics and Micron. Dachang, CEO Zhu Yiming led the management team to Europe to meet with ASML executives to discuss the purchase of ASML extreme ultraviolet light equipment.

Hefei Changxin can see its attempt to narrow the technological gap with international memory manufacturers. Under the current US-China trade, to ensure the availability of advanced semiconductor equipment, Hefei Changxin hopes to accelerate technology development, ASML wants to ensure More business and future growth. In addition, Hefei Changxin also visited the Belgian Microelectronics Research Center (IMEC) to establish a research and development partnership to accelerate the development of memory chips.

Alibaba recently established the Pingtou Ge Semiconductor subsidiary, and aims to launch a homemade AI chip in 2019. In view of the warming of US-China trade, China continues to set off a self-sufficiency in the semiconductor supply chain. Although China is still lagging behind the United States and South Korea in the development of the most advanced chips, China is making every effort to find a breakthrough point in the field of dedicated chips. The industry believes that the US-China trade has significantly strengthened China. The determination to build your own supply chain.

Although Alibaba emphasizes self-made AI chips, its relationship with NVIDIA and Intel will not change. However, the industry believes that in the future, domestic players such as Alibaba will have more powerful AI chip self-development capabilities for NVIDIA, Intel and other international chip factories. It is bound to face more severe competition challenges in the Chinese market.

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