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SIP package socket and its demand

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SIP package socket and its demand

Since Apple announced the launch of the Apple Watch S4, the market has been in short supply, and the foreign capital is optimistic. Apple’s Apple Watch shipments reached approximately 24 million this year, but after adding the health measurement and sensing functions such as ECG and fall with S4, It will attract more substantial buying power, and it is expected to increase by about 40% to 33 million next year. The legal person is optimistic about the S4 system-in-package (SiP) and W3 wireless chip exclusive test and testing plant, the moonlight control (3711) benefited the most.

In addition, the WiFi wireless network SiP module installed on the Apple iPhone was mainly supplied by Japanese merchants. The three new iPhone WiFi modules introduced this year were replaced by Sun Moonlight's subsidiary, Xunxu Electronics. The legal person is optimistic that Sun Moonlight will take control of the leading position in the SiP market next year, which is expected to bring strong revenue and profit growth momentum.

Apple's launch of the new Apple Watch S4 is favored by market consumers because of the true inclusion of health measurement capabilities. In fact, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced a pilot program that will speed up the review of healthy digital products, and Apple is one of the leading electronics companies to join the pilot program.

In addition to the built-in second-generation heartbeat sensor, Apple’s smart watch S4 also incorporates the first fall-sensing function seen in the wearable device, and the first-ever ECG impression directly provided to consumers in history. Test and application of software functions, and has obtained the FDA's De Novo (low-risk medical equipment) classification. At the same time, the thickness of the watch was reduced from 11.4 mm of the previous generation to 10.7 mm, which further increased the difficulty of sealing and testing the SiP module.

The SiP module used in the Apple Watch S4 is more complex, including the built-in dual-core application processor and Apple's own graphics processor core. It is also equipped with the latest accelerometers and gyroscopes, and the new S4 SiP module. The contracted OEM is still receiving exclusive OEM orders from Sun Moonlight.

Since Apple's Apple Watch S4 is still sold out of stock, the delivery period is still about 1 month, and many consumers are optimistic about the health measurement function before placing an order. The foreign investment is estimated that Apple this year includes S4 and old products. The total shipments are about 24 million. Next year, under the S4 shipments, the total shipments will be 33 million. The ASE is taking the new S4 SiP module orders. In the previous generations of products, there will be significant benefits for next year's operations.

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