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World Semiconductor Conference 2019 boosts AI industry

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The conference brought together more than 200 companies. In addition to semiconductor design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, and application companies, artificial intelligence chip companies also shined at the conference. 2019 is a crucial year for the landing of AI. Intelligent robots, intelligent speech semantics, face recognition, bio-payment, smart medical treatment, driverless ... The scenes in science fiction movies are now within reach of life. At this conference, the Nanjing Institute of Artificial Intelligence Chip Innovation (AiRiA), the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, will be a major AI chipbreaker and will bring core products to the conference to empower the industry.

AiRiA Research Institute relies on decades of technology accumulation in the fields of artificial intelligence, chip development, computing architecture, etc. of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop the world's leading QNPU (Quantized Neural Processing Unit) and uses it as a core AI products. The products are mainly used in intelligent security, intelligent driving, intelligent business and other fields. Specific applications include face recognition, video analysis, abnormal behavior detection, and ADAS functions such as road recognition, vehicle detection, and fatigue detection.

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